Pelipal Bathrooms – Ayrshire

Tristan Cole is a premier partner with Pelipal bathrooms. If you like floating furniture then it has to be a Pelipal Bathroom. Stunning and unique, each basin is modular and comes in options of glass and mineral marble. Lacquered drawer fronts means no more delaminating furniture and stunning built in LED lighting gives the wow factor.

Manufactured in Germany you can be assured of the highest standards in build quality. The fact that all units come pre built means installation is easy and quick. Colours range from gloss lacquers to wood grain finishes and also comes with a range of handles.

If your layout requires a more traditional back to wall arrangement then Pelipal has this covered also. These units come cut to any size and can fit in any space.

Pelipal Bathrooms Ayrshire


Our state of the art CAD software brings your bathrooms designs to life. This doesn’t just show amazing graphics but it imports your exact furniture and tile choice so your room looks like a real life image. So once you have selected you Pelipal vanity unit we import that into the design to let you see how it looks in your new space, its very neat 🙂

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Pelipal, located in Schlangen in the region Ostwestfalen-Lippe, is a leading manufacturer of bathroom furniture and mirror cabinets throughout Europe, which are marketed as individual pieces as well as flatpack furniture. With the brands Pelipal, Azur Lign and Artiqua, the company group offers a broad range of furnishing solutions, which is clearly segmented for particular target groups, with attractive price-performance bathroom furniture to high-quality, multiple award-winning design fittings of the luxury class.