Any room in your home

As well as kitchens or bathrooms we can create new interiors for any room in your home.  it’s not a problem to take on more than your kitchen or bathroom.

If required, we can use our trusted suppliers who are experienced in planning and extensions.

Other Interiors

Rooms to view

We can help you put your own personal spin on something to make it special. Your home is where you spend most of your time, so the space needs to reflect you.’

We can help you with all kind of projects. Whether its to change up the look of an existing room or make bigger moves to create new spaces to live in.

We are able to renovate any room, even do some updating to plumbing and electrical.  We can include fun upgrades like a new shower and/or bathtub, plus the chance to reconfigure the space, in case you want to move the vanity for optimal light or scoot the toilet into a different corner.  Alternatively you would maybe like to install some beautiful practical fitted bedroom furniture that creates an ambiance in your room.

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