Kitchen Installation Ayrshire – How do we do it?

Each install is different but this is a basic outline of how we install your kitchen. If there is no plasterwork installs can be completed in the week but if plasterwork is involved we would recommend the following:

Kitchen Installation Ayrshire

Have fun …

Have fun building your own Kitchen design.

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Fitting a new kitchen can be a stressful process. The final look of the kitchen very much comes down to how it is installed. Our fitting team has over 20 years experience and look after each install as if its their own. The lads are very approachable and are great problem solvers which is a must in our line of work.

There are various elements of an install that we do use outside contractors such as plaster work and electrics. These contractors are however the same lads we use on each and every project so they are a true continuation of the team.